October 20th, 2017


So, I took my daughter to see Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson up in Jacksonville, Florida. The event was supposed to start at 7:30 pm so we took off early to get there in time. Not knowing how traffic would be, I took a half day off, put on my Robert Graham shirt, hopped in the car with my favorite 15 year old and got on the road. I experienced a hell of a trip down memory lane as we drove north through Orlando and points north. We used to live in downtown Orlando for about 5 years while I was interning at a local television station. Arguably, it was a tough time for our family living in such a small house with no income. The highway is in the middle of massive construction and looks nothing like what I remember. Several times I thought that I was going the wrong way! As we traveled further north, about 20-30 minutes, passing through the Longwood – Lake Mary area which is the locale where my day job office led to more unfamiliarity. That area is now unfamiliar to me because I have been fortunate enough to work remotely for the last few years but that’s another story. Traveling even further north, we hit the Sanford, Florida area which is where I probably made the biggest financial mistake of my life when I bought a mansion and fortunately sold it before too much damage was done. But that’s another story. Further on passing Cassadaga, Florida which is where a spiritual camp is. I don’t know what you believe but it’s a really interesting area with lots of spiritualists, mediums and churches and parks. It sort of reminds me of a graveyard to be honest with you. To be continued. Next stop Jacksonville!

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