10/06/2017 - Great Talking To You

October 6th, 2017

Animal Control = Pay Me

So we found a stray dog in our yard and I think that we want to keep him. He’s a very friendly Yorkie who has taken to our family as much as we’ve taken to him. Except the cat that is. She hates him. Probably because our cat is mean and the only time that I see her is when she’s hungry. I love our cat but I think that I am a dog person.

We called animal control because that was the right thing to do. They took him and told that in five days they would call us with the option of adoption. So after five exciting days, we decided that we would bring Lenny (we named him after Jerry Orbach’s character from Law and Order but that’s another story). So my wife goes over to pick him up. Upon walking in the door of animal control which is a division of the sheriff’s department my wife starts to think that we made a mistake calling animal control. Her fears we later confirmed. After being questioned like a suspect my wife had given the receptionist (I refuse to call her a deputy) her and the information of everyone living in our home for what I am sure was some kind of search for warrants. This woman then questions her about our cat who has never been outside and will never be outside because she is terrified of the outdoors. “Your cat isn’t in our system.” Deadpan. “Why would she be?” “She hasn’t had her rabies vaccination” Ok, that’s fine she’s a house cat. “Well did you know that if you don’t agree to have your pet vaccinated (booster shot) we’re giving you a citation?”

Long story short, we cannot adopt Lenny until we get our housecat a rabies booster. What makes this story terrible is that they will put him down if he is not adopted in a certain time frame. Mind you, none of this is about the money really. It’s the ham fisted way that the Sheriff’s office forces you to ……you know what? I am sick of talking about it. We’re going to go pick up Lenny.

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