September 15th, 2017

Sleepless Nights

Ok, we're still alive.

So. We’ve made it through what was, for me, one of the scariest hurricanes since we’ve lived in Florida. We lost power at about 8:30- 9 on Sunday night which was kind of good because it was bedtime for the kids. I figured that we would have power back the next day or so because Irma wasn’t really expected to come too close to my town. Man, I was wrong!

Just some rain to start and some wind so it wasn’t too bad. As it got a little worse, my son came into our room and got into bed with us. At that point, my wife went to my daughters’ room because she was scared (but she’s 15 so she couldn’t just come out and say it). Now mind you my 13 year old autistic son is 5ft 9in and weighs about 160 pounds. So it’s like sleeping with a grown man. Combine that with the fact the air conditioning is off along with the power. When he sleeps in the bed with us, he likes to snuggle up with us. (Also the reason why my wife left the room) So sleep did not happen that night, especially when the winds picked up about two hours later. You read about howling winds in novels and now I know exactly what authors mean.

The large windows on the wall opposite my bed shook, rattled and vibrated all night. I laid there wondering if and when they would blow out and what my plan of action will be when and if it blows out. The house actually vibrated and shook. Come morning, we were thoroughly rattled but the house was still standing. Were there shingles missing? We wouldn’t know until the storm was over.

Going outside was interesting. It was a gray day outside and windy. We live in a planned community so we had no trees in the front of the house or in the street. Leaves and debris were everywhere. The hedges on the side of the house looked like they were pushed over and ripped up.

End of part 1…

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