September 22nd, 2017

More Power To You

The following morning, we surveyed the damage. Considering how the house shook the night before, we were expecting a lot more damage. There was lots of debris on the ground broken branches, leaves and such. The bushes on the side of the house looked like somebody walked through them. The large bougainvillea tree at the side of the house which is about fifteen feet tall was pushed almost completely over.

Despite that, the damage to my home was minimal. There were no shingles missing, nothing large blown into my house. We got very lucky. And that hurricane was a Category One by the time it got to us, I think. So, we sat feeling shaken and rattled most of that particular day figuring out logistics like ok, what are we having for our meals and such. I had gotten a few large bags of charcoal for the grill so meal prep wouldn’t have been a problem. I purchased a generator about twelve years ago that I have never used and I had about a gallon of gas. But this was go time. We have an induction hot plate, two refrigerators, a deep freezer and several mobile devices that needed to be charged so tomorrow I would to go out and look for gas.

Day two was the search for gas. Driving around town I saw a lot damage but again not too serious. There was even power in a large portion of the downtown area. I figured we would have power soon. Again, I was so wrong. Now I did find gas and the wait wasn’t even that long unfortunately, my gas can is only two and half gallons and the reservoir on my generator is five gallons. So I would be going out again.

Life actually smoothed out over the next couple of days living without power. I went out and got gas my wife cooked on the hot plate, we charged our devices and tried to sleep without air conditioning.

Finally, almost four days later to the hour, as we were getting ready for bed, the power snapped back on! This is an abridged version of my family’s experience with hurricane Irma. Many people lost their lives, many more lost power and took even longer to have theirs restored. I’ve learned the importance of having a plan in place. Next year, I will have multiple containers of gasoline and a standby generator. If I am really lucky, I will have solar panels. And more than anything I appreciate electricity.

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