January 26th, 2018

Well, it’s been an interesting week for me. Let’s go back to last Friday night, I believe. We (my wife and I) were asleep after yet another exhausting day of chasing our son around the house (more on him another time). All of a sudden there was a pounding at the door. Bam! Bam! Bam! Now, to say that it startled us out of a sound sleep would be an understatement. I stumbled out of bed and out into the hallway ready to say to hell with it and go back to bed when I noticed the lights from the window of the loft that I was standing in. I went down stairs to the front door to see what hell is going on.

Going outside, I was greeted by a police officer telling me to go back in the house because my car was broken into. So that’s certainly what I want to hear at 11:30 at night after getting woken up from a sound sleep. But I go back in anyway and wait for the officer to come and get me. After explaining the situation to my wife, she goes back up to bed. It’s funny. This is actually the second time that my car has been broken into. Fortunately, I keep nothing of value in my car! The most expensive item in my car was my prescription sunglasses.

The Thirteenth Warrior later, the officer returned for me. Now it’s probably important for me to say that during the course of the movie that the police were searching and had indeed caught two of the three would-be burglars through use of a helicopter and backyard searches. Once outside the officer escorted me to my vehicle parked in the driveway in front of my house. There was a second officer leaning in taking fingerprints. After a series of questions, they had to take a set of elimination prints from me which was kind of funny because the card was too small for my hand/palm print.

We talked football and family for about an hour while they processed the scene. I had learned that my vehicle was only one of ten vehicle that was burgled that night! Afterwards, I went back in my house, sat on the sofa and figured that I would just lay down there so I didn’t wake anyone up. I am often up early anyway due to bouts with insomnia. Turns out that I never made it back to sleep but the officers in their separate squad cars stayed out in front of my house until around five am!

The next day, I received a call from the Juvenile Detention Center asking if anything was stolen. Turns out that I was lucky because several of my neighbors apparently had items stolen from their vehicles. And now as I write this, I am looking a letter that I got from the State Attorney’s Office informing me of the culprits impending court date.

Moral of the story, stop leaving crap in your car! Anyway, that’s it for now. I hope that you were at least somewhat entertained by my misfortune. Enjoy your week!

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